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Haleakala Sunrise Tour

Operated by Valley Isle Excursions

Watch the Sunrise Over Haleakala

Adult (Age 13+): $187.50
Child (Age 3-12): $166.50
Infant (Age 2 & under): Free

Start your morning on Maui surrounded by heavenly colors as you watch a magical sunrise at Haleakala. Seeing the sunrise from this above-the-clouds perspective is a must-do on Maui as you journey to the highest peak on the Valley Isle. This iconic landmark was known as “wao akua,” realm of the gods, and is known in Hawaiian mythology as the spot where the demi-god Maui lassoed the sun. You may also hear it called the House of the Sun.

As a sacred site, only priests could visit this enchanting destination and provide special meanings and purpose to Haleakala’s animals, plants, and rocks for thousands of years. Fortunately, it’s now part of the National Park Service and invites many adventurers to its summit to experience an otherworldly sunrise and explore the rest of this Hawaiian treasure.

Even with an early start time, we begin your Haleakala adventure with an all-you-can-eat continental breakfast. Then, we journey up the mountain on a 30-minute drive. Even though it’ll be warm on Maui, it gets quite cold at the top of Haleakala, as we are arriving while it’s still dark. Stay bundled up and hear fascinating facts about Hawaii, our culture and our history, and about the volcano we’re at. Your guide also prepares you for the sunrise experience, and then it’s time to witness the sunrise from this one-of-a-kind vantage point.

Now that the sun’s above the clouds, it’s time to go back down the mountain and enjoy a breakfast buffet. Don’t put those cameras away just yet, as there are some incredible photo opportunities as we head down the mountain and make a few stops to take in the views.

Please be advised that tour availability is based on the islands, dates and the ports cruise lines dock at.

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