Heavenly Hana Adventure Tour

An Enchanting, All-Day Expedition to East Maui

Travel along this 68-mile trip and experience the serenity of the Hana landscape

Take the journey of a lifetime to East Maui as you take the Road to Hana. This full-day Maui cruise excursion allows you to discover the beauty around every curve, all 600 of them, on this iconic road on the “Magic Isle.” Listen to the stories and expert narration from your driver as we explore this 68-mile stretch of heaven on Hawaii.

Cross a total of 59 bridges and take in the gorgeous scenery of the surrounding forests and cascading waterfalls. We invite you sit back, relax, and savor the the coastal views as you check this must-do Maui activity off of your travel bucket list.

*Prices shown are for current schedules only and may be subject to change.